Brown_quoteValues are the guideposts for life. We all have values, even if unarticulated. Values drive our beliefs, our judgments, and our actions.

When companies establish and live by values, they declare for the world what they deem important. Values bring organizations to life by breathing consciousness and soul into the organization.

We recently outlined the values we aspire to at Entelechy. These are things that are perhaps of no surprise to anyone who’s worked with or for Entelechy. But they clearly do define what we think is important:

  1. Show initiative: Do something. Entelechy is a small, flat organization that relies on the initiative of all of us to move the company forward in the service of our clients.
  2. Contribute: Do something … but do something that’s valuable and meaningful. There’s no room (or energy) for those whose only value-add is critique.
  3. Have a growth mindset: Take calculated risks. Learn from mistakes. Share your learning. Grow. Always pause to reflect and learn.
  4. Be transparent: There is no time (or energy) to try to be anything less than transparent. Say what you mean. And say what you’re thinking. We’re smarter together but only if we’re transparent.
  5. Make a difference: With our clients, with our leaders, with each other, do something meaningful that will make the world a better place because of what you did.
  6. Be resilient: Toughness counts. Pick yourself up and dust yourself off. Resilience works best when you’re with a group; don’t go it alone.

These values embody what it means to work with and to work for Entelechy. Our values drive how we talk to and treat each other. They define who we are as a company. They help us achieve our mission:

Making the world a better place, one leader at a time.

What values do you live by? What values does your organization live by?