October 16 is National Boss's Day here in the United States. As we celebrate the holiday, we encourage you to take a moment and think about a great boss you've had throughout your career. What made them particularly fantastic? What qualities and skills did they possess? How did they impact the success of you and your team?

Okay, now that you have a mental picture of a highly effective leader, take a moment to reflect on the leadership team at your current organization. Are most of your leaders as effective — if not more — than the leader that you thought of at the beginning of this post? Chances are, there's room for improvement. There almost always is.

Take five minutes out of your day and complete Entelechy's Leadership Effectiveness Assessment to analyze how your team's leadership capabilities compare with hundreds of others who’ve completed the survey. This is a great way to quickly measure the effectiveness of existing leadership development initiatives and identify opportunities for growth.


Strong leaders benefit your organization in numerous ways. Better bosses can result in improved company culture and morale, increased employee performance and productivity, and — ultimately —  a more positive experience for all key stakeholders, including employees, partners, and customers. So, take the first step to developing stronger more effective leaders today, in honor of National Boss's Day, with our Leadership Effectiveness Assessment. And, remember that the door is always open if you'd like to contact us to discuss your results. We'd love to see how we can help elevate your leaders to the next level.

P.S. We also have a PDF version of our Leadership Effectiveness Assessment if you prefer to print a copy and review it with your leadership development team. 

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